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I live in Christchurch, New Zealand (NZ) ( 

 Link to main daily newspaper (,1008,0a1561,FF.html).  

I have recently semi-retired.  I was a Mechanical Engineering Officer with the the Christchurch City Council.  

Link to Council home page (  

My interests are flying, computers, books and gardening.


I have been flying since 1985 and hold NZ, Australian and USA Private Pilots' Licences.  I have over 700 hours flying experience.  I started flying with the Canterbury Aero Club  ( and as well as NZ, I have flown in Australia, Texas, Denmark and Argentina.

I was a competitor in the NZ Precision Flying Team at the 8th World Precision Flying Championships held at Skive, Denmark in 1989 ( and the 9th World Precision Flying Championships held at Rio Cuarto, Argentina in 1990  (  

I was the NZ Precision Flying Team Manager at the 12th World Precision Flying Championships held at Fort Worth, Texas in 1996 (  

I have included a link to a web page with some interesting photographs and comments on the 13th WPFC held in Hamilton, New Zealand during February 1999.   (  Click on the Airshows Button and then the "13th World Precision Flying Championships  - 1999" link.    

There is also a web page included on this site with a Report and Results for the 13 WPFC .

I attended the 14th World Precision Flying Championships held at Västerås, Sweden in 2000 where my marking programme, Alpha Crucis was used (

I have been a regular competitor in the Annual Royal NZ Aero Club Competitions  ( since 1987.  I have tended to specialise in Navigation and have won the Senior Navigation competition six times.  I have also won the Basic Panel Instrument Flying Competition and Pre-Flight Inspection Competition once. 

I was in the New Zealand Wing's Team competing against the Australians in Bundaberg, Australia during May 2007.  I won a gold medal in the Australia vs New Zealand competitions and won a silver medal in the open Australian competitions.  Both competitions I entered were the Precision Circuit and Landing competitions.


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